Keys to a Fun Soccer Season

  1. Leave it to the coach: You have entrusted the care of your player to the FYSA coaches. They need to be free to do their job. It is essential during practices and games that parents allow coaches to be the primary source for skill development, training, critiquing, goal setting and guidance on the field.
  2. Support the program: Join the fun and get involved. Your volunteer efforts are most appreciated and needed. Whether it is fund-raisers, Tournaments or car-pooling, every effort makes a difference. Talk with your child’s coach for team needs such as refreshments during games.
  3. Be the Best Fan: Your child needs your support and encouragement no matter what the final score is on the field. Be sure to remember yours words are powerful. Please cheer appropriately. Foster teamwork by being supportive of all team members.
  4. Communication with coaches: Children should be encouraged to communicate directly with coaches in regard to questions or difficulties they might be having. This is another valuable skill they can learn. Parents are also encouraged to speak directly with coaches regarding any concerns or comments.
  5. At Home: Speak with your child on occasion about their comfort level with the competitive aspect of the sport. Understand how they are feeling about their performance and what their level of enjoyment is. Any concerns, please contact your child’s coach so that they may make necessary adjustments whenever possible.
  6. Food/Fuel: Your child will need the proper food, drinks and rest in order to best prepare for games. Coaches will have suggestions concerning these matters.
  7. Keep it in perspective: Your child will be best served if schoolwork remains the number one priority. Once registered for the Fall season, soccer is a commitment that each player should honor, but we encourage involvement in his or her other interests as well.
  8. “Win” or “Win”: Remind your child that every game is a “win” if they put forward their best effort. Your words of encouragement will help ease any frustration. Focus on their skill development and positive perspectives, not the score. Make sure your children know that you are not disappointed in them. Teach them to focus on improving their skills and attitudes. Don’t compare the skills of your child with other members of the team.
  9. Final Result: Soccer skills and self-esteem should increase with each session. But most importantly, if your child had a fun season then we all did our job well.
  10.  Family needs first: school needs second, extra-curricular activities third.