Time Commitment with FYSA

Players are expected to make a full commitment to FYSA and their team. Conflicts between FYSA games and practices to participate with other sports or teams may result in loss of game playing time and forfeiture of the players place on the roster. Keep in mind that many potential soccer players may not get the chance to play and would love the opportunity that someone else may take for granted.

If unable to attend a practice or game, advance notice to your coach should be provided and is appreciated. It should be noted that this is a commitment and all players should understand their obligations. It is a team sport.

Please be prompt to practices and games. Fifteen to thirty minute advance arrival for all games. Ask coaches for specifics.

Fall Outdoor Season Duration

FYSA seasons typically run from August through November for participation in SoccerMaine, district and Challenge Cup events. Practices will generally start in mid to late August. Games usually begin with a Labor Day tournament, and will then continue into early November.

Practice Schedules: Typically, one to two evenings per week for one to two hours (often 90 minutes) at the coach’s discretion.

Game Schedules: Games will be scheduled primarily on Sundays; with occasional games on Saturday. Often the scheduling is published at the beginning of the season, but it is common for games to be added during the course of the season.

For U-10, FYSA has established guidelines for game schedules that recommend no more than two games on a single day and that “off” days be worked into the team’s weekend schedule during the season.

Winter and Spring Indoor Seasons

Indoor seasons are held at the discretion of the coach and the availability of players. Participation in indoors will generally require an additional fee.