Uniforms & Required Equipment


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For the 2013 season, FYSA will be using the same style of uniform.
Returning players
only need to order replacement items for sizing and wear.   New players will need to order uniform shirt, uniform shorts, and socks.  
All sizes are unisex sizes so refer to that portion of the sizing chart.  For socks, any child with a shoe size under 7 men’s or 9 women’s should order a youth sized sock.  
New and returning players will be responsible for the cost of uniform items which can be ordered through the following link. Warm ups and a backpack are also available at the site.


The site will be available from March 29th to April 30th.  

As you order please enter FREESHIP into the discount window which is located on the shopping cart page; otherwise, the site will not allow you to process the order.  If you go to far, hit the back button on your computer.  We will be delivering the items before the season starts through your coaches.  The site will still ask for your address, so please fill that in.

If you have questions please email Scott Spence at sspence@maine.rr.com.

Required Equipment

Players need to bring with them to all practices and games the following:

  1. Soccer ball
    U-9: Size 4
    U-10: Size 4
    U-11: Size 4
    U-12: Size 4
    U-13: Size 5
    U-14: Size 5
  2. Water bottle
  3. Soccer socks
  4. Shin guards
  5. Cleats
  6. Team shorts
  7. Team shirts
  8. Three season jacket or vest
  9. Emergency phone numbers
  10.  A soccer bag for all the above items is most useful and can be filled in advance to prevent last minute searches for specific items.