Uniforms & Required Equipment


FYSA uses an online ordering system hosted by Atlantic Sportswear. The webstore will be available from April 1st until June 28th through the link below.

ALL (returning and new) FYSA PLAYERS MUST GO ONLINE AND ORDER THE 4 REQUIRED NEW UNIFORM ITEMS: Uniform top (aka jersey), shorts, socks*, as well as an Under Armour Locker Tee in our newly designed 2015 kit. *Useful tip: Although not required, many players tend to order two pairs of socks to have an extra dry pair for games and tournaments.

On Atlantic’s webstore, you can also order OPTIONAL ITEMS such as warm up jacket and pants, soccer backpack, windbreaker jacket and a training top. If you would like any of the optional items, please order them at the same time as your required uniform top, shorts, socks and T-shirt.

All uniforms will be shipped directly to your house in mid August and therefore everyone will be charged a nominal shipping and handling fee by Atlantic Sportswear. ORDER ALL uniform items that you need for the fall 2015 season as soon as possible. All orders placed after June 21st will be considered “Special Orders”. The cost of the uniform increases and item availability is not guaranteed. If orders are not placed on time, we cannot guarantee your child will have a uniform in time for the start of the season which could jeopardize their ability to play. Please remember to size up as needed for your player since soccer season is still several months away.
PLEASE ORDER YOUR UNIFORM NOW at the link below so that your child is guaranteed a uniform for the fall travel soccer season!


SIZING CHART (Please reference the unisex sizing)

If you have questions please email Scott Spence at sspence@maine.rr.com.

Required Equipment

Players need to bring with them to all practices and games the following:

  1. Soccer ball
    U-9: Size 4
    U-10: Size 4
    U-11: Size 4
    U-12: Size 4
    U-13: Size 5
    U-14: Size 5
  2. Water bottle
  3. Soccer socks
  4. Shin guards
  5. Cleats
  6. Team shorts
  7. Team shirts
  8. Three season jacket or vest
  9. Emergency phone numbers
  10.  A soccer bag for all the above items is most useful and can be filled in advance to prevent last minute searches for specific items.