FFC 2014 Tournament Game Schedules

The schedule be be LIVE 10 days prior to the event. At that time it can be viewed here: http://www.gotsport.com

Maps and directions can be accessed here on our website.

The schedule, tournament rules and a field map will also be available in programs that will be provided to teams upon registration. Please go ahead and let your players and parents know where and when your games are going to be played this weekend.

We have done our very best to address questions and requests concerning coaching conflicts, layover times between games and level of play.  With 174 teams and 270 games, this has been a real challenge but we feel that the schedule will provide some great competition, be as efficient and convenient as possible for families and our referees, and provide the players with a memorable experience.   Special thanks to Louise Hester our FYSA registrar/FFC scheduler and William Cameron of GotSoccer for their work on the schedule.


  1. All teams must register at the registration tent that will be next to the concession shack at the Falmouth High School turf field.  U-11 and U-13 please make note of this – registration is NOT an option at the Falmouth Community Park where the majority of those games will be played.  We will be having pre-registration on Friday night at the registration tent from 4-6:30 pm.  Registration will open on Saturday at 7 am at the same location.

    • Completed and signed Medical Release Forms for all the players on your roster.  Form can be downloaded at: MEDICAL FORM
    • A copy of your frozen roster to hand in to us- we keep these so do NOT give us your original roster please.
    • All player, coaches and team manager passes.  We, as well as any ref during the tournament, will perform random inspections as needed to comply with Soccer Maine regulations.
    • Permission to travel (only applies to our G U12 team from Canada). All other teams are all set.
  3. U9-U11 groups are NON-COMPETITIVE and have no playoffs!  Therefore, no results/standings or playoffs will be posted on the event site.
  4. U12-U14 groups are COMPETITIVE.  Please read and print the Tournament rules to see how the #1 team from each bracket advance to a playoff on Monday morning.  We will adhere to all the tie breaker rules according to the tournament rules.
  5. NO DOGS OR ALCOHOL OR GRILLING allowed at the FFC 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. For those of you who have played there in the past, parking at the FCP fields is always a challenge.  The best way to avoid the frustration of having to wait to park or sitting in a line of cars and missing some of a child’s game is to CARPOOL.  Options for carpooling would be to park and ride from Falmouth High School or from the Hannafords Plaza in West Falmouth on Route 100, located across from the Maine Turnpike West Falmouth exit.  We have built in more rest times for the FCP fields in an effort to avoid parking congestion, BUT DO YOUR PART AND CARPOOL PLEASE.

Welcome and Bienvenue!  We look forward to having you join us for another great Falmouth Fall Classic tournament!