Coaches Corner

Dear Coaches:

FYSA would like to thank each of you who volunteer so much of your time and energy to coach each year.  Our club is arguably one of the largest and most successful in the state, and we realize that it is all of our coaches who greatly contribute to this.  We would like to be as much of a resource to all of you as possible and are pleased to begin offering a library of drills for you to print and use for your training sessions.  Please understand this will be a work in progress as we have initially included a handful of topics, with the goal of adding many more as we move closer to the fall season.  Keep in mind, that most drills can be modified to work with any age group by just making slight adjustments with numbers and/or conditions and restrictions relating to the activity.  Ultimately, however, we hope to have the training sessions grouped according to age to make the utilization easier.  Part of my job is working with individual teams and coaches to foster the development of our youth soccer players, so feel free to contact me if you need any assistance whatsoever with training session formats or ideas.

Marsha Lycan
Director of Coaching
Falmouth Youth Soccer Association
207-329-3418 Cell phone


Possession for Penetration in Final third

Possessing as Unit-off ball movement-vision

Small group defending

Defensive Marking

Defensive Transition at the moment the ball is lost

U9-U10 Dribbling

U9-U10 STAR Methodology

U9-U10 Dribbling-Shielding

Basic Defending 1v1 2v2

Passing-Receiving Circle Progression


Three Awesomely Fun Practice Ending Games

Finishing Session

Change Point of Attack

Possession with a Purpose

Possession thru Center Mids

Receiving-Turning-Dribbling at Speed

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