Coaches Corner

Dear Coaches:

FYSA would like to thank each of you who volunteer so much of your time and energy to coach each year.  FYSA is currently the largest classic travel soccer club in the state with between 300 and 400 players each year and over 60 volunteer coaches. The success of our program relies on our volunteer coaches. We would like to be as much of a resource to all of you as possible.

The 2015 Coaches Guide can be found here.

Coaches can find information on Soccermaine required coaching certifications, code of conduct and coaching manual at

Personnel Support for Coaches/Teams:

Marsha Lycan, FYSA Trainer of Coaches, , will be working with coaches and individual teams during preseason and though the fall season. Marsha is the Assistant Coach for University of New England Women’s Soccer and holds a NSCAA National Coaching Diploma. Part of her job is working with individual teams and coaches to foster the development of our youth soccer players, so feel free to contact Marsha if you need any assistance whatsoever with training session formats or ideas. Marsha will schedule sessions with coaches and teams or will come to your games and work with coaches/teams there.

Josh Muscadin, FYSA Trainer of Players, , will be running skills sessions for FYSA players during the summer and through the fall season. Josh coaches Greely Girls’ Varsity Soccer and is director and coach at FCS Riptide Soccer Club. Coaches will get a schedule of Josh’s skills sessions and be asked to encourage players to attend. Josh is also available to work with coaches and teams on integrating footskills into practises.

If you have any general questions about coaching, licenses, timelines, practices or games, please contact me.


Joel Glockler
Director of Coaching Committee
Falmouth Youth Soccer Association


Possession for Penetration in Final third

Possessing as Unit-off ball movement-vision

Small group defending

Defensive Marking

Defensive Transition at the moment the ball is lost

U9-U10 Dribbling

U9-U10 STAR Methodology

U9-U10 Dribbling-Shielding

Basic Defending 1v1 2v2

Passing-Receiving Circle Progression


Three Awesomely Fun Practice Ending Games

Finishing Session

Change Point of Attack

Possession with a Purpose

Possession thru Center Mids

Receiving-Turning-Dribbling at Speed

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Coaches Manual

2015 Coaches Guide